Sony have just tossed their European Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection update for February out of the door and its pretty good to say the least.

Starting February 6th and remaining there for a month, the service welcomes Square-Enix‘s excellent open-world Triad smack-a-thon Sleeping Dogs to the service; a superb game that is a more than worthy addition to the ranks of games of similar ilk such as Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row.  This comes at a great time as I was just clicks away from buying the game myself.  Top stuff!

On the same day, Sleeping Dogs finds itself in fairly decent company with addictively twee Codemasters kart racer F1 Race Stars making an appearance on the same day alongside Portal creator Kim Swift‘s puzzle game, Quantum Conundrum.

Meanwhile, from February 13th, PS Vita owners can download the hugely entertaining sci-fi racer WipEout 2048.  Just one week later on February 2oth, Vita owners can tease their brains and treat their ears with the aurually stimulating  puzzle game Lumines Electric Symphony becoming available.

The games that are leaving the service are as follows:

February 6th : BioShock,  Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, Cubixx HD
February 13th: Jet Set Radio
February 20th: Pinball Arcade

Oh and just one more thing, from February 6th and running for two weeks, Sony will be offering a PS Plus subscription discount of over 30 per cent on the existing 90 day membership offer, knocking it down to a much more wallet friendly price point of £7.99.  Best of all, current subscribers are able to make use of the discount and add it on top of their pre-existing membership.

I’d say a pretty great update all things considered!

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  1. Joe Cammisa says:

    Sleeping Dogs for free?? Insane. I can’t wait to see us get Lair for free or some bullshit.
    Once again, Sony Europe handily kicking the asses of Sony America.

    Also, you’re really enjoying these long stories on the front page lately, aren’t ya? :D

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