Oooh EA; you teasing cockers.

In their recent conference call, The mega-publisher has said that they’ll be revealing more about Battlefield 4 “in about 90 days time”.

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Elaborating more on the subject, EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau said “We’ve already talked a little bit about that we have a Battlefield title coming next year, but we’re not in a position right now to talk about our development plans and our SKU plan long term.  That will come in about 90 days when we get to show you some Battlefield stuff.”

The whole ’90 days’ date window for the title’s reveal actually also ties in pretty nicely with the rumoured first showings of Microsoft‘s and Sony‘s next-generation consoles, with both teased to get their fifteen minutes of fame (probably more), at or around the Games Developer Conference event in March.

Adding fuel to the fire, EA CEO John Riccitiello indicated that a next-gen version of Battlefield 4 is almost certainly in the offing saying: “We think Battlefield and FIFA are going to help us lead as we move into the next set of technology opportunities and platform opportunities, and continue to get bigger.”

Battlefield 4 doesn’t have a specific date, but a Beta is due to start later this year for it and the game is tentatively due to release sometime between April 2013 and March 2014; likely resulting in EA nestling inside the September to November crush that usually happens at that time of year.

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