Just a few hours ago, Microsoft decided to stick an in-progress demo of forthcoming shooter Crimson Dragon onto the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace.

Just as quickly, the company whipped the demo off the marketplace for unspecified reasons.

In case you’re wondering; Crimson Dragon (previously known as Project Draco) is a rail shooter for Xbox Live Arcade that is viewed as the spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon games as it not only boasts extremely similar gameplay, but many of the original staff members from previous Panzer Dragoon titles have been involved in its development.

Requiring the Kinect sensor to play, the game itself plays somewhat similarly to other titles such as Child of Eden and boasts half-dozen different dragons which can be leveled up with food earned during missions, over 0ne hundred skills and three player online co-op.

Luckily for you Panzer Dragoon fans, all five of you (and that likely includes me), we have a video of the demo for you after the break.

Crimson Dragon is due to release sometime in 2013 for Xbox Live Arcade.

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  1. Colin Kitler says:

    Man, why does it have to be Kinect exclusive… I’m so over that thing.

  2. Man, that… actually looks half decent.

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