To celebrate the incredibly lackluster January freebie offerings for the North American PlayStation Plus, Sony has decided to start a promotion that wants to shower us with 3 bonus months of PS Plus mediocrity.

Starting today and running through March 4th, when you activate a new 1 year PS Plus membership, you will automatically be extended an additional 3 months at no charge. Even better(?) is if you’re presently a PS Plus member, you can buy a 1 year card and also get the bonus 3 months stacked on top of your existing subscription. This certainly makes those White PS3 bundles with a year of Plus a little more attractive.

I’ll admit, I certainly shower shit upon Sony when it comes to their Instant Game Collection updates, but PS Plus really is a great service. The automatic downloads and cloud storage are nice benefits and I’m pretty much always praising the wealth of sales that Plus members get. I just wish they’d stop sucking everything on the planet with their IGC updates.

With Sleeping Dogs leading the pack, Europe has a great February in store, Sony America. Now it’s your move, and we’ll see next week whether or not you eff this up.

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