If you’re like me, the very first game you played when you hooked up your Wii U was the awesome game called “Firmware Update“. It’s been a highly popular title on the PS3 since day 1, but seeing it ported over to the Wii U was a wonderful surprise.

Well good news, folks! Firmware Update is back and better than ever! Joking aside, the 600 MB or so update may seem large, but the update process was a hell of a lot faster than the Day 1 update and it seems to have made things a lot quicker when exiting out to the Wii U menu from games, checking friend lists, firing up Miiverse, etc.

There is also a Nintendo Direct event happening later today, so maybe this update unlocks a few new features for the Wii U that will be revealed at that event? No matter what, we’ll keep you updated as always!

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  1. Kyle Gaddo says:

    firmware update is the best game

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