Nintendo is doing their Nintendo Direct press event as I’m typing this, so I’ll be posting some info on the fly while the event is going on! Just some quick bullet points as things happen.

Get all the fun details after the jump!

  • Reggie got coffee and was confronted by a life sized Mii of himself. That will haunt my nightmares.
  • LEGO City Undercover, available in “early 2013″ will have bonus content in the way of exclusive vehicles and missions accessible via license plate numbers on physical LEGO City vehicles. Or, you know, I’m sure all those codes will end up on GameFAQs sooner than later.
  • Pikmin 3 footage being shown, looks awesome because it’s a new Pikmin game and hell yes. Scheduled for “Q2 2013″
  • Discussion on Game & Wario. ALL games playable solely on the Gamepad. Some games support 5 players, all using one Gamepad. Details and examples of two games. One a Wario Ware style game that you play on Gamepad, but still need to watch the TV in case your mom busts in on you playing. Second game involves you stealing fruit on the GamePad while your friends watch the TV as your lookout. Scheduled for “early 2013″.
  • Wii Fit U is… Goddammit. It’s Wii Fit. Has a Fit Meter that tracks your fitness activities and transfers it to the game. Wii Fit U contains 77 different activities. Some actually look fun, but my fat ass will never fit on a Wii Fit board. YAY OBESITY! Also scheduled for “early 2013″.
  • Discussion of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. Mostly stuff we already know. Missing some details as it’s subtitles only and I’m trying to write and read in two different areas… A free patch update will unlock Momiji as a new playable character. Ayane from Dead or Alive will also be unlocked in a free patch update. Get yo shiz online, son!
  • Next spring will see panorama videos and photos that you can spin your Gamepad around to view anywhere in real time. Will be available as paid downloads, though there will be a free preview. Also will feature something like¬†Google Street View, but looking around with the Gamepad in real time. Not live footage, just still images. Still pretty neat. Iwata with some helmet cam action showing the application in action. Underwater action, zooming, fish, it’s all sorts of cray cray.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 for 3DS being shown. Buy it. Luigi’s Mansion is awesome. More video feed issues. Maybe they have a firmware update to do first. Due in Spring 2013.
  • Brain Age: Concentration Training. Kawashima demonic floating head is back for this. Video issues are getting stupid. Dynamic difficulty as opposed to previous Brain Age games. Due February 10th.
  • Talking about Fire Emblem: Awakening due on February 4th.
  • More new New Super Mario Bros. 2 coin rush course packs out today.
  • Tokyo Crash Mobs is a live action puzzler where you throw people at people. Looks absolutely insane. Very much like Zuma, but over the top crazy. Digital download.
  • Game Freak making a rhythm action platformer called HarmoKnight. Digital download.
  • General wrap up. Happy holidays. Thanks for buying our thangs. Peace.

That about wraps things up! From what they are saying, we can expect 30 more Wii U titles to release in the next few weeks and the future looks bright. It also looks chock full of firmware updates, because that’s the most popular game on the console!

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  1. Zachary Lyons says:

    Tokyo Flash Mobs sounds pretty interesting.

    Aside from that, this seems like a pretty meager update. Nothing really that we didn’t know. If they’re going to give updates on already announced games, there should at least be solid release dates instead of “early 2013″ and “Q2 2013″. We already know they’re coming out early 2013 – that’s what they told us when they said these games were in the launch window. If anything, this is upsetting because Pikmin 3 was supposed to be released in the launch window, which closes at the end of March. Since Pikmin 2 is slated for Q2, that is definitely outside the launch window.

    Come on, Nintendo. Momentum is slowing rapidly, and the console hasn’t even released everywhere yet.

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