The undoubted highlight out of all of the trailers that were shown at the 2012 Spike Video Games Awards, was this mysterious little number.

Titled ‘The Phantom Pain‘, the game is made by just-popped-up Moby Dick Studios and appears to show the main character with a hook arm, struggling to move his atrophied body out of medical facility which is under attack by various suited heavies.

With lots of crawling around, a very similar trailer direction to the Metal Gear Solid games seen thus far and a primary protagonist that looks extremely similar to one Solid Snake (the makers of trailer seemed to be a great pain to hide his full face from viewers but the clues are there – the mullet, the headband, the beard, the gruffness) this certainly looks to be related, if not to the recently announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, than to another part of the saga.

It might even be a stealth announcement of sorts for Metal Gear Solid 5 itself; something I personally find a little unlikely given that we still have Ground Zeroes to come first and we’ve had just one glimpse of that so far (or have we?), meaning that MGS 5 (in whatever form it takes) would be absolutely ages away.

Anyhow, brighter minds than I have done a full analysis and breakdown of the Metal Gear Solid clues seen in the trailer and the best of them all is VG247‘s guide which you can catch here.

Anyhow, give your eyes a treat after the jump.  It looks bloody fantastic.

‘The Phamtom Pain’ is running on current-generation hardware.

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