Does Edge of Twilight seem familiar to you? It doesn’t to me, though given the amount of gaming-related stuff that has passed between its original announcement back in 2009 and my own decrepit and failing memory, this doesn’t come as any sort of a surprise.

Billed as a steampunk adventure, Edge of Twilight is a game about two warring societies, light and dark with the main character Lex, irrecoverably caught between them.  Little else is known about the project, but come on now, steampunk adventures are few and far between, so i’m willing to hear more about it at the very least.

After taking up the project back in latter part of 2011, JDJC & Fuzzyeyes Limited have today confirmed that not only will the game will release in late 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms, but that also a free iOS spin-off titled Edge of Twilight – Horizon will be released imminently as soon as Apple has granted it approval.

Besides allowing players to experience a unique side-story tied in with the main plot seen in the home console versions of the game, the iOS game will also keep players up-to-date with new announcements, trailers and media for Edge of Twilight on consoles.

We’ve actually got the original video that was uploaded way back in 2009 – you can see it after the jump.  But be kind though eh?  Next year’s game will probably end up looking completely different.


Edge of Twilight will hit 360 and PS3 platforms in late 2013.  Edge of Twilight: Horizon is due to hit iOS imminently.

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