Ladies and gentlemen, the war is over. You may as well smash your Nintendo DS, destroy your DSi, and elbow drop your 3DS because they are all worthless filth now.

If you love fishing, and you can’t get enough of anime characters, you are in luck. Let’s Fish! Hooked On has been officially announced for the PS Vita, releasing on PSN, and it’s clear that the killer app has finally arrived. Well, it WILL arrive, sometime. No release date or price is announced yet, but it doesn’t matter. The Vita has won.

Get a nice look of the game in action by checking out the trailer after the jump, you know, AFTER you throw your other handhelds in the trash, light it on fire, and then pee on the ashes.


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  1. valentine says:

    awesome! finakly. i have been waiting for this game for quite sometimes now. it’s finally here. my body……my body is ready.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Look like for Japan only as usual for quirky Anime gaes.

  3. Joe Cammisa says:

    Japan only? The trailer is in english, it has an ESRB rating symbol at the beginning, and was talked about on the US PlayStation Blog…

    It’s coming to the US.

  4. Jason Berman says:

    Dont knock it until you try it

  5. Ljink says:

    I don’t think this really beats Super Mario 3D Land. The war has just begun my friend. If any handheld ends it it will be a Dragon Quest(7 specifically) or Pokemon’s next real installment. Not gonna lie it looks fun but not fun enough to take on Nintendo’s IPs. Fishing or a 150hr+ RPG… hmmm…

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