Now this is a turn up for the books eh?

Microsoft yesterday released Wordament for iOS, a word puzzle game where you are given a grid of letters and you must guess as many words as you can within a two minute time limit.  So far so simple, but the real point of interest here, is that besides playing cross-platform with friends who own Windows Phone devices, you can also accrue Xbox Live achievements from the game too, making Wordament the very first game to allow Xbox Live achievements on the iOS platform.

Microsoft have previously released other apps in the iOS app ecosystem such as Halo Waypoint, Kinectimals and SmartGlass, but this is the first time they have authored an app which can unlock achievements which are directly attributable to an existing Xbox Live Gamertag.

Signing into Wordament to begin the unlocking of those shiny achievement points is done in a fashion not unlike present Microsoft iOS apps.  You merely sign in using your Microsoft Account and the game is then linked to your gamertag and then off you go.

Hopefully, this will be the start of a beautiful relationship with more Microsoft developed iOS games allowing you to pick up achievements on the go.

What do you guys think of this? Would you like to see Xbox Live achievement points in Microsoft published iOS apps?  Sound off below.

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  1. Joe Cammisa says:

    Would I? Yes. I would. And I’m probably going to buy this for that reason.

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