The 1GB pain in the rectum that is the Wii U‘s mandatory hour-long system update will come pre-installed with all new Wii U consoles sold from early next year onward according to Nintendo.

Talking to gaming website Gamasutrathe big cheese over at Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, said that the update would be included with all systems from “around the beginning of March” and in justifying the update, merely said that “Nintendo developers want to make sure that the very best product is available to consumers,”.

Well, that clears that up then.

The mandatory day one firmware download hasn’t been a pleasurable experience for Wii U owners to say the least; with gamers reporting anything from a one to two hour wait before they can use their shiny new console.

Folks who bought the 8GB variation of the hardware were given a particularly viscous shafting as the system update instantly consumes an eighth of their total internal storage.  Ouch.

In terms of what the update gives users; it provides the console’s Miiverse social network, Nintendo Network and a smattering of other functionality that should have been present on day one.

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  1. Joe Cammisa says:

    To be fair, it was pretty widely known that the basic model was only going to have about 3GB of free space after system usage. That’s why there was a lot more focus on the Deluxe Model that doesn’t suck.

  2. Oh certainly, I’d buy the Deluxe Model myself if I could justify purchasing the console in the first place.

    Two good games (IMHO) do not a console make. But really, quality games or not, the inclusion of Day One firmware in later iterations of the console should have been a no-brainer anyway.

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