iOS developer Chillingo is endeavouring to be full of the Christmas cheer this year as they have an absolutely bonkers promotion in which they are giving away some of their best games completely free of charge.  What madmen!

Topping the list of festive freebies is Orc: Vengeance; a rather competent and slickly produced dungeon crawler that pays significant homage to Diablo and does with credible aplomb.

Well, what are you waiting for? The list of free iOS gaming bliss is just after the break!

Orc: Vengeance – A decently competent dungeon crawler the likes of which is fairly rare on Apple’s mobile platform, Orc: Vengeance is perfect for dipping in and out of its bite-sized levels for a spot of hack and slashery.  It’s a tempting investment at its original price and now that its free, well, its a complete no-brainer.  If you only grab one freebie from this give-away, make sure its this one eh?

Endless Road – A somewhat offbeat and visually distinctive take on the endless runner formula, the accessible Endless Road throws you through a crumbling world at a blistering pace, forcing you to think on your feet as you deal with branching paths and other obstacles.  The difficulty ramps up a little too quickly but regardless, it certainly seems like an interesting proposition.  Doubly so now that its free.

Sky Hero – From endless running we go to endless falling in Sky Hero; a game where you must steer yourself around obstacles such as buzzsaws, cannons, attacking ships and many more hazards and survive for as long as you can.  It looks charming enough, if not adding anything new to ‘endless’ shtick that it seems to so lovingly cling to.  Still, its free, so you can’t really complain.  Or you can, but you would look like a bit of jackass in doing so.

Commando Jack – A sci-fi themed tower defence game with the ability to switch to first-person view and deal death from a more intimate perspective, Commando Jack seems like a reasonable enough attempt on the genre if it wasn’t so hamstrung by IAP’s.  Not a great game then, but its free, so y’know…

There are other Chillingo games which are free that are not on this list, but they’ve not been included on the account that they were free to start with.  The four aforementioned titles were all costed titles that were slashed down to bugger all.


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