Yeah that’s right, you can now play Dune 2 without having to keep around an archaic floppy disk, or the 3 pound drive to run it! It’s now free to play on the interwebs! Woo! Dune 2 is a Westwood Studios developed game, that was released by Virgin Interactive in 1992. It is known for being the archetypal RTS. According to Joystiq, an open-source version of the game has now […]

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At long last, Xbox 360 owners can experience life on the streets of Theftropolis, as 8-bit retro genre mash-up Retro City Rampage is due to release on Xbox Live Arcade next week, on January 2nd. The news comes straight from the horse’s mouth as it were as the game’s creator, Brian Provinciano, has also said that the game will launch on the PS3 and WiiWare in Europe and Asia at some point […]

Does Edge of Twilight seem familiar to you? It doesn’t to me, though given the amount of gaming-related stuff that has passed between its original announcement back in 2009 and my own decrepit and failing memory, this doesn’t come as any sort of a surprise. Billed as a steampunk adventure, Edge of Twilight is a game about two warring societies, light and dark with the main character Lex, irrecoverably caught […]

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Rock Band 3 is getting a smattering of singles on Sunday (yes, SUNDAY), for Xbox 360 at least. Due to the holiday, the Wii won’t get the songs until January 2nd and PS3 misses out until January 8th. Holiday also means no Rock Band Network for anybody. But Xbox? Prepare to ROCK! Rock Band DLC for [whatever date is appropriate for your system] Andrew W.K. – Party Hard fun. feat. Janelle […]

Today we have not one, but two all-singing, all-dancing DmC: Devil May Cry trailers for you to fawn over prior to its release next month. The first trailer gives us an extended glimpse into how Vergil handles business in game, while the second video gives us an indication of just how crazy some of those combos can get. Both look pretty great I have to say. Catch em’ after the […]

Right, now this is a cracker of a deal. For today only, Microsoft has confirmed that the entirety of Telltale Games excellent The Walking Dead, may be had for the princely sum of just 800 Microsoft Points from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Specifically, the first episode remains free, while each of the four episodes that come after it cost just 200 Microsoft Points a piece. It should really go without saying that […]

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SEGA and Gearbox Software have released a story trailer for next year’s licensed FPS affair, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Essentially, it serves only as a primer to the events of the game proper; showing how this latest batch of smart gun wielding unfortunates ended up on the USS Sulaco. As you might expect, it doesn’t show a great wealth of gameplay, but it does show off the in-game cut-scenes and of course, the […]

Over the holidays, Square-Enix have released a video from the alpha build of their reinvigorated MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Of particular note with this video, is that it shows a party venturing into an instanced dungeon, showing off some of the environments you’ll be questing in as well as some of the mobs that you and your motley crew of adventurers will be tangling with. Don’t forget, the footage on show […]

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, the Activision published first-person shooter riff on the popular zombie apocalypse graphic novella, finally has a gameplay trailer. Early impressions? Well, it doesn’t look too hot.  At all. Apparently not from a final build of the game (I really, really hope not), the game shows our protagonist hacking zombies with a fireaxe, running away from them and sticking them in the face with sharp things whenever they get close. If […]

EA have released a new trailer for next year’s Dead Space 3. This trailer in particular focuses on all of the events that have led to the third core installment in the series. Additionally, EA have also confirmed that a demo of the game will hit Xbox Live and PSN on January 22nd, with Xbox gamers able to get the demo early by going to this official sign-up site. If you’re in need of a refresher, we’ve got it […]