At long last, Team Meat‘s top-down roguelike The Binding of Isaac, will finally make its bow sometime next year on PS3 and PS Vita with publisher Nicalis in charge of conversion duties.

Confirming the ports on Tumblr, Team Meat head honcho Edmund Mcmillen said that the console versions will be called The Binding of Issac: Rebirth and will contain the Wrath of the Lamb expansion, local co-op and a completely new comparably sized expansion that features two new playable characters, new items, brand new rooms a never-before-seen final chapter and a completely new ending.

PC owners shouldn’t feel left out though, as the Mcmillen has said that the extra content will make it to the PC versions on the same day and date as the console versions drop with existing owners of The Binding of Isaac receiving a discount on the new content.

Publisher Nicalis is also in discussions with Microsoft and Nintendo on possible conversions of the game, as well as Apple too; on the proviso that any potential iOS port doesn’t turn out to be ‘garbage’.

Cool beans eh?  I reckon the macabre, fiendishly addictiveness of The Binding of Isaac would be perfectly suited to handheld platforms such as the Playstation Vita, iOS and Android.

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