The Black Crowes make are getting a 3 pack in Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz on Tuesday and Rock Band Network is back in action for the Xbox 360 with a pretty crazy update after a day off last week.

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Rock Band DLC for 12/4

  • The Black Crowes – She Talks to Angels
  • The Black Crowes – Remedy
  • The Black Crowes – Sometimes Salvation

As always, tracks will run $1.99 on the PS3, 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360, and 200 Wii Points on the Wii. You can also nab the full 3 pack for $5.49/440 MSP/550 Wii Points. She Talks to Angels gets the pro guitar upgrade for $.99/80 MSP/100 Wii Points.

In addition, the PS3 gets another 5 tracks from the Rock Band Network. All tracks are $1.99 unless otherwise noted.

  • an Unkindness – A Death ($.99)
  • Counterparts – Jumping Ship
  • Lich King – Act of War ($.99)
  • Sonic Boom Six – For the Kids of the Multiculture
  • Within the Ruins – Controller

Lastly, after taking Thanksgiving off, Rock Band Network was back in full force on the Xbox 360 this this week with a pretty huge lineup of releases available now. Plus that Anarchy Club song is official now and Anarchy Club is awesome. All tracks cost 160 Microsoft Points unless otherwise noted.

  • AFD Shift – Crusader
  • Amberian Dawn – Charnel’s Ball
  • Anarchy Club – A Single Drop of Red (The Gentleman) (80 MSP)
  • Brian Kahanek – Gemini
  • Dance for the Dying – Mannequin (80 MSP)
  • Distant Autumn – The Christmas Song (Live) (80 MSP)
  • Emmure – Protoman
  • Enemigo – Rehén (80 MSP)
  • Escape the Day – Turn Back the Time (Rock Band Edition) (2x Bass Pedal)
  • John Parr – Naughty Naughty
  • The Lora G Band – Mary
  • MC Lars – Lars Attacks!
  • Richard Campbell – Rock the Halls (80 MSP)
  • Strikken – Re-Live (2x Bass Pedal) (80 MSP)
  • The Trews – People of the Deer

Pretty big week of Rock Band, that’s for sure! Next week looks to be pretty nice as well already when it comes to Rock Band Network. If you keep up with the latest unofficial releases or the tracks that show up in the Xbox Marketplace before they hit the Rock Band store, there have already been tracks from The Giraffes and Dir en Grey, so we might be in for one hell of a lineup by the time next Friday rolls around!

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