Question: With fall ending and the impending doom of winter drawing near, how will one keep themselves warm at night?


Gearbox announced yesterday that the newest DLC campaign for Borderlands 2 will drop on November 20th, and is titled “Mr.Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage.”

It was Mr.Torgue, himself, who dropped the knowledge on us via his personal Twitter page. Mr.Torgue’s campaign is the second installment of DLC for Borderlands 2. It will cost 800 MS Points or $9.99 for PS3/PC users. Unless you have purchased the Borderlands 2 Season Pass in which case you are awesome, financially responsible, and the cost is already paid for. Good for you! If not, Season Passes are still available for purchase via the “In-Game Menu”.

For more insight into Mr.Torgue and his rapid increase in volume, and release of energy… Get it? Because of explosions… No? Nevermind. HEY! Check out this sweet video/review from the guys and gals over at Joystiq.

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