Yeah. I know. It’s a cheap pun of a headline, but it works and the game is out now on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, so I’m gonna use it. All of my headlines can’t be winners, you know…

Anyways, this week’s Nintendo eShop update is the last one before the Wii U hits on Sunday, and it seems like a pretty by-the-numbers kind of week. A handful of retail titles, including a new Sunday release, and some puzzlers. Get the full details after the jump.

Nintendo 3DS eShop Update

  • Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (AVAILABLE 11/18) – $39.99 – Grab the new 3DS Epic Mickey title directly on your system on Sunday instead of dicking with the lines at retail that are inevitable due to the Wii U release.
  • Myst – $29.99 – Classic 90′s Myst with classic 2010 DS pricing.
  • Hotel Transylvania – $29.99 – Play the game based on the movie that’s already been out for a while, but now without a case!
  • American Mensa Academy – $29.99 – Try answering real Mensa questions to get a true Mensa score to prove how stupid you really are. I know I’M pretty stupid, so I’ll probably just end up licking the screen if I try buying this.
  • Monster Shooter – $6.99 – A top down shooter where you shoot something. Probably puppies.
  • Jump Trials – $1.99 – 100 levels of 10 second platforming for 199 virtual pennies. (Also available on the Nintendo DSi Shop for 200 DSi Points so that’s 200 virtual pennies for you DSi guys.)
  • Working Dawgs: A-Maze-ing Pipes – $1.99 – Think Pipe Dreams, and now add some dogs in construction outfits because … (Also available on the Nintendo DSi Shop for 200 DSi Points)

Kinda sad there’s no Virtual Console updates in advance of the Wii U. Would’ve been a perfect time to whip out something big like EarthBound. Oh wait. It’s Nintendo of America. They like to forget that game even exists…

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