Company of Heroes 2, the sequel (surprisingly enough) to the horrendously brilliant WWII RTS Company of Heroes by developer Relic, has finally taken the plunge and delivered a bombastic gameplay trailer designed to whet the appetites of wartime generals everywhere.

It looks pretty terrific all things told and you can catch it after the break.

As a side note though, if your quality of life is such that you haven’t been able to experience the original, then Lady Luck is currently smiling on you (or at least grinning like a moron at you); since publisher THQ has teamed up with the Humble Bundle folks to offer the entirety of the Company of Heroes games; that’s the original and all the expansion packs, as part of their ‘pay what ever you want promotion’, meaning you could get the whole lot for just $1.

You can buy the bundle here.  And you probably should.

Company of Heroes 2 is due to release exclusively on the PC sometime in the first quarter of 2013.

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