Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is a very awesome game for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. It also had a super badass pre-order bonus consisting of a pretty sweet watch. Demand was super high and people sold them for stupid amounts on eBay.

Now is your chance to not only get one if you missed out (like me), but help out some hurricane victims as well as Aksys Games is selling a very limited quantity of watches for only $20 plus $8 shipping with ALL proceeds going to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts.

There is a limit of one watch per customer and there’s no telling how long these will stay in stock, so hurry the hell up and buy one now! Thanks to our very own Kyle for tipping me off to this so I could snag one for myself. Felt I should pay it forward and let our wonderful readers know about it as well! Oh. And buy the game too. It’s fantastic! I’m sure Kyle will have his review up sometime this year. :D

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  1. Sydney Swartz says:

    As of right now (12:00 PST) the watch is currently sold out. D:

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