I’ve been on the fence about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. On one hand, I love Super Smash Bros., but on the other hand I’m a big fan of actual innovation as well, and it seemed like this game was more copying the first and ignoring the second. The online beta released last week has been fun, but given that it’s entirely online, my knack of being terrible against other people makes it less fun for me than if it had a single player component as well.

The new full length commercial for Battle Royale certainly got me a little bit more excited. It starts off kind of slow, but after Nathan Drake makes his first appearance, you know it’s about to go down. Eventually he, Cole MacGrath, Kratos, and Sackboy are all together ready to throw down. I kind of wish the commercial featured a few more characters like last year’s quite similar “Michael” commercial, but perhaps those will come later.

Get a look at the 2 minute commercial after the jump and get ready to get your Sony Smash Bros. on when it hits stores on November 20th and don’t forget that if you pick up the PS3 version of the game, Sony’s awesome Cross-Buy feature gives you the PS Vita version FREE. See? I don’t ALWAYS hate on Sony. They do some awesome stuff when they want to…

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  1. Unfortunately, the game itself still looks like garbage.

  2. Joe Cammisa says:

    I dunno, Michael. I’ve enjoyed my limited time with the beta despite getting my ass kicked royally and repeatedly. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the single player stuff a lot more, but $60 for a PS3 and PS Vita game? Sounds like a good deal to me.
    Sounds even better when you have it locked in at $48 on Newegg! :D

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