Joystiq came through with some awesome info earlier today letting us know that Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest VII is to be remade for the Nintendo 3DS and launched in Japan this coming February! The remake is being handled by Artepiazza, the guys behind the ports of Dragon Quest IV, V and VI which hit the Nintendo DS over the past few years. The remakes will feature enhanced graphics and an orchestral score […]

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Right, now I know this isn’t strictly gaming news material, but to heck with that. Disney have today confirmed that they now own the house that Star Wars built, Lucasfilm.  The price? A cool four billion bucks. There’s more on this face-shattering announcement after the break:

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Confirming a retailer leak a couple of days prior, publisher/developer Rockstar has solidified the release window for the fifth major entry in their epic crime opus as Spring next year. The game is also confirmed to release on 360 and PS3, with no confirmation on PC or Wii U versions at this stage. More media and information on the long-silent sequel will be forthcoming next month.  Naturally, here at The Gaming Vault, we’ll have […]

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Moreso than previous entries in the celebrated franchise, Halo 4, is a game that keeps on giving. Taking place after the main campaign has concluded, Spartan Ops will deliver five brand new missions with their own cut-scenes every week for ten weeks that players can tackle in single-player or all co-operative like. That makes fifty brand new missions for Halo 4  in the first season alone.  Good stuff eh? There’s a trailer […]

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In a tweet by amazing PR lady Aubrey Norris of Deep Silver, it has been revealed that full-fledged sequel to Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide, will be available across North America on April 23rd, 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. As a direct successor to the original Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide will either continue your zombie bashing journey on a new island after escaping Banoi […]

Howdy everybody! I came out of my Hurricane Sandy Stronghold to bring you guys a special “Holy Crap, the Power is Back On!” news flash! PSN Exclusive One Piece: Pirate Warriors is the big attraction in this week’s PlayStation Plus update. Originally retailing for $49.99 and only as a PlayStation Network download, PS Plus members can a nice $20 savings this week with the game dropping down to $29.99. Other […]

You guys have heard of Swedish developer Starbreeze right?  They’re the code-hands responsible for such bloodthirsty shootery as The Chronicles of Riddick, The Darkness and Syndicate, which is notable because their newest game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is possibly as far from that blood-soaked, bullet-riddled legacy as it ever could be. Boasting far more in common with the likes of Fable and Trine, the game is a fairy tale style adventure where you are tasked […]

Jonatan Söderström of Dennaton Games, the developers behind the mind-shatteringly brilliant Hotline Miami, has told handheld gaming specialist website Pocket Gamer, that they’re looking into bring the game to a number of Sony formats in the future. I wouldn’t hold your breath though as the developer has suggested that they wouldn’t port the game themselves, instead relying on someone else to do the legwork for them. As well as pushing the game Sony-ward, the developer […]

In an effort by the American Dental Association to stop kids from ruining their teeth with candy, they’ve teamed up with PopCap Games to give away free copies of Plants Vs. Zombies instead! I’ve gotta admit, this is a pretty cool promotion. Head on over to Stop Zombie Mouth to get your free coupons to pass out to the kiddies on Halloween. The website also has wallpapers, coloring pages, and […]

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This weekend, from Friday through Monday, Uncharted 3 Multiplayer is getting into the Halloween spirit by having a double cash weekend. Additionally there’s cool pumpkin t-shirts for your characters, and a pumpkin to wear over their heads, and every long gun in the game has an optional pumpkin themed skin. All these items are free and wearable this weekend only. If you want to keep on playing looking like the […]

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