Looks like this upcoming week in Rock Band and Rock Band Blitz is gonna get a nice helping of surfer rock thanks to Smash Mouth with two classic cover songs from the band. Filling up the third DLC slot is none other than The Offspring with one of their newest singles! Gonna be a fun week of Rock Banding, not to mention Blitzing!
Get all the info and a preview plus see if RBN is back up and running after the jump!

  • Smash Mouth – Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby
  • Smash Mouth – Why Can’t We Be Friends
  • The Offspring – Days Go By

As usual, each song will run you $1.99 on PlayStation Network, 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, and 200 Wii Points in the Wii Shop. The Offspring are the lucky recipients getting the pro guitar/bass upgrade for an additional $.99/80 MSP/100 Wii Points

PlayStation 3 users are also going to get their standard helping of 5 new Rock Band Network tracks as well and given that I own pretty much all of them on Xbox 360, I can say for sure that PS3 users are getting an awesome lineup this week. The Spinning Chain songs are a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the band, despite how their album art looks incredibly emo-goth-dork. brentalfloss is also an absolute winner of a song and an all around awesome dude! And Graveyard BBQ? They are just insanity in music form.
All tracks run the standard $1.99 unless otherwise noted.

  • All Shall Perish – A Pure Evil
  • brentalfloss – This is the Album You’ve Been Waiting For ($.99)
  • Graveyard BBQ – By the Grace of the Grill
  • Spinning Chain – End of My Rope
  • Spinning Chain – Pain I Feel

Finally, after a week or so with Rock Band Network being interrupted on the Xbox 360, it returns with a vengeance this week seeing an astounding 16 new tracks! A new song from A Day to Remember is my own personal highlight of the bunch.
All tracks run 160 MS Points unless otherwise noted.

  • Active Knowledge – Supertronic Lazering
  • Asking Alexandria – Dear Insanity (2x Bass Pedal)
  • All Shall Perish – There is Nothing Left
  • A Day to Remember – Sticks & Bricks
  • An Endless Sporadic – Anything (2x Bass Pedal)
  • An Eneless Sporadic – The Triangular Race Through Space (2x Bass Pedal) ($.99)
  • Halcyon Way – On Black Wings (2x Bass Pedal) ($.99)
  • The Hamster Alliance (ft. The Giant Bomb Crew) – Giant Bombstep: Reloaded ($.99)
  • Husky in Denial – Would I Were ($.99)
  • John Parr – Under a Raging Moon
  • Mada – Fight! ($.99)
  • Memory of a Melody – Things That Make You Scream ($.99)
  • My Ruin – Deconsecrated ($.99)
  • Okills – Nube ($.99)
  • Tora – Higher
  • Zef – Gambit ($.99)

As you can see, an all around monster week of Rock Band awesomeness. I personally need to check out the rest of the week’s RBN tracks as I haven’t checked them all out. Just remember to be careful not to buy a 2x Bass Pedal track if you already own the original version unless you are a drummer with 2 bass pedals! There’s a lot of those out there this week, so I figured I should warn you guys, just in case.

Oh! And if you made it all the way here and are still confused what the hell the header image was this week, it’s the album artwork for Days Go By from The Offspring! Great album, by the by. You should check it out.
And don’t forget that all of these songs also work in Rock Band Blitz, so make sure to play them EVERYWHERE! Harmonix has been good about giving the new songs a coin bonus in Blitz. Gold Star a new song from the new releases for the first time and you can score 1800 coins from ONE SONG! I did that with the Linkin Park songs last week and I plan to do it with the Matchbox 20 songs today!

We leave you with a gameplay preview lovingly put onto YouTube by our friends over at RockBandAide!

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