Endeavouring to open your eyes to some of the greatest content on the confusing mess that is the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, Indie Games Uprising III has sprung up to promote nine of the best of them over the next ten days.  You can get the whole lot for less than eleven bucks too – a steal when you realise just what you’re getting.

The promotion started on Monday, September 10th.  You should probably take a look.  Oh and I’ve attached videos to a description of each one because I love you all.  Or something.

The games included in schedule and their debut dates are as follows:

Monday, September 10th – qrth-phyl

Nonsensical irreverent title aside, ‘qrth-phyl’ is an ‘arcade documentary’ which aims to explore the classic gaming mechanic of the maze/dot/snake mechanic within multiple dimensions as well other quandaries

Confused?  So am I, but I intend to check it out.  Coded by a single person; a chap from Cornwall no less who goes under the moniker ‘hermitgames‘, it certainly looks quite interesting and off-the-wall to boot.

Tuesday, September 11th – Sententia

An interesting little platform puzzle game with a focus on dialogue and one which explores various ideologies, ‘Sententia’ is billed as an ‘art game’ by the game’s creator (again, the game was developed by a single guy – Michael Hicks).

It aims to explore the nature and maturation of imagination as you guide your forest creature through exploration of the forest, solving puzzles and interacting with other creatures throughout the forest.  Its certainly quite unusual for a platformer to deal with these sorts of weightier themes; making Sententia most definitely worth checking out.

Wednesday, September 12th – Diehard Dungeon

With a title that leaves little to the imagination, ‘Diehard Dungeon’ proudly wears its roguelike inspirations on its sleeves for all to see.

Developed by Devon based code house Tricktale, Diehard Dungeon looks completely insane and yet completely brilliant.  Employing the sort of the top down view popular with other entries in the genre, the game is a frenetically paced dungeon crawler that never seems to let up with hugely colourful visuals, masses of enemies on the screen and sort of the sadistically addictive gameplay qualities to keep you coming back for more.

This is certainly one to watch out for.

Thursday, September 13th – Gateways

Gateways, coded by Cambridge based developer Smudged Cat Games, is most easily described as a cross between Super Mario Bros and Portal.

Did that get your attention?

Gateways is a 2D platformer puzzler where as well as jumping on the noggins of your foes, you can use various guns to negotiate the environment.  Chief among these guns which as well as creating gateways (portals) for you to pass from one location to another, also allow you to shrink or expand your character and even go back in time to interact with versions of yourself from the past.

If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, then you should probably stop gaming.  Yeah, put that controller down and walk out the door.

Friday, September 14th – Smooth Operators

Developed by the single-man outfit, Andreas Heydeck Games, ‘Smooth Operators’ casts you as a call centre manager who must create and build the perfect call centre by developing client relationships, balancing workload, financials and training your team.

Boasting the sort of obsessive gameplay that you might expect from a micro management sim of this ilk, Smooth Operators also appears to take a little inspiration from the equally obsessive Kairosoft mobile titles too.

This, as you might guess, is a Good Thing.  One to watch for methinks.

Monday, September 17th – Entropy

A stunning looking physics based 3D puzzler, Entropy, developed by German developer Autotivity Entertainment, looks to be a hugely enjoyable affair.

Allowing the player to deal with physical matter like lava, electricity, acid, water and much more to complete increasingly complex conundrums, Entropy looks like it’ll be a flagship entry in the Uprising III selection if the attached trailer is anything to go by.  Great stuff.

Tuesday, September 18th – City Tuesday

Releasing on the same day as its namesake, City Tuesday is a 2D exploratory adventure where you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being a chap who is stuck in a loop; reliving the same five minutes before a devastating terrorist attack takes place.

The idea of course, is to use those five minutes shrewdly; talking to the local populace and solving as many puzzles as you can to further aid you in your goal of discovering where the bombs have been hidden.

Developed by just one chap; a talented fellow by the name of Chris Zukowski, the premise of City Tuesday is certainly compelling and unique to warrant further investigation.  I’ll be looking forward to this one.

Wednesday, September 19th – XenoMiner

Lovingly crafted into existence by tiny independent outfit Gristmill Studios, XenoMiner is a 3D sandbox game which tasks you with surviving alone on a moon orbiting a gas giant.  What better way to survive then, by building hugely impressive and ornate structures in a manner not totally dissimilar to Mojang‘s hugely popular Minecraft.

XenoMiner does however, introduce a number of cool wrinkles to the well-trodden formula as you have access to a number of sci-fi-tastic tools such as jet packs, anti-gravity pads, programmable AI bots which dig for you and solar powered drilling equipment among other things.

For those of you looking for a different slant on the Minecraft concept, XenoMiner could be just the ticket:

Thursday, September 20th – Pixel

The final game of the promotion, the unassumingly named ‘Pixel’, is the first effort from Canadian based coders Ratchet Game Studios.

A 3D first person puzzle shooter platformer (I kid you not), Pixel has you trying to reach the end of each level by combining fast-paced platforming with manipulating the environment in various ways to create new platforms and ledges for you to transverse to your goal.

With 25 different levels promised and a decent amount of challenge, Pixel looks like it’ll certainly stimulate both the twitchy finger and grey matter in all of us.

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  1. Alexander Gessler says:

    Hey guys,

    thanks for covering the uprising lineup. On behalf of the uprising developers I’d just like to note that there are updated trailers for both Entropy and Gateways. The Uprising website didn’t update for a few days, unfortunately.

    You have to check them out, they are much better than the DBP trailers.

    Entropy: http://youtu.be/CgD3y-KqzJo?hd=1
    Gateways: http://youtu.be/OZqZTTJ9CzY?hd=1

  2. Hi Alex,

    No problem on the coverage – you folks have some truly great games which need to have as wide exposure as possible.

    Also, thanks for links to the new trailers; I’ll switch them around ASAP.

    Hope you guys kill it! – JP

  3. All done :) – JP

    Alexander Gessler   [ 09:15, September 13th, 2012 ]

    Thanks, JP! :-)

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