UPDATE: The goal is officially up on the Rock Band World app and is to get 30 stars total on any songs from the Rock Band Blitz soundtrack! THAT’S IT! Play the Blitz songs, get 30 total stars, complete the goal, get free DLC!

The awesome dudes from Harmonix just announced in their Rock Band Livestream that one of the upcoming Rock Band Blitz goals available on the Rock Band World app on Facebook is going to reward players who achieve a certain number of stars in a goal with DLC codes for a free track on Rock Band. Combine that free track code with the previously mentioned half off sale and you can get yourself TWO songs just for playing a goal!

The goal was talked about to be a certain number of stars (possibly 30) out of songs from the Blitz in-game soundtrack and will be available on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. I’m sure more, official, details will be revealed tomorrow when the new goals go live, and I certainly hope this is a trend of more real world goals available through the Rock Band World app, but until then, I wanted to use this Nickelback header that I wasn’t able to use for the Rock Band Sale post.
Suck it, Colin. You made this happen!

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