Do you like politics? Do you like to watch Presidential Candidates bicker and say how stupid the other guy is? Do you love watching videos on a game console? Do you love free Xbox Avatar outfits? If you said yes to any of those (or probably just the last one) this post is for YOU! To celebrate the upcoming election, Xbox is going to be streaming four Presidential Debates on […]

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The release of Code of Princess from ATLUS is upon us in just a little over a week, set for release on October 9th. What better time than now to remind you that you need this game and that reminder is an all new launch trailer for the game! Check it out after the jump and if you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder your copy of the 3DS title […]

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PS Vita owners, get ready to get your top down dungeon crawler on next week when a demo for Silent Hill: Book of Memories hits PSN! Many people out there have bitched, whined, and complained that the game isn’t true to the Silent Hill roots, and apparently a good number of European Vita owners have changed their tune after trying out the demo for the game and finding out that […]

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Some good news out there for us Limited Edition consumer whores! Konami announced that both Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Zone of the Enders HD Collection are getting fancy Limited Editions! Because people like me can’t be happy with just a game. No. People like me? We need art books and soundtracks and trinkets and all that other happy horses–t. We cannot be pleased with JUST a game… Anyways, Zone […]

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You read that right. Two full games for only $15. Total. You’ve only got 48 hours (starting two hours ago, agh!) to grab two games of your choice for the low, low price of “buy one at half off, get another one free.” The list includes all the titles in the banner, but if you’re in any way confused, the games are: Binary Domain, Batman: Arkham City Game of the […]

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It’s Friday which mean’s it’s time to see what’s been going on in the world of Rock Band and Rock Band Blitz! This week I am abso-effing-lutely excited to say that next week’s DLC is a three pack from 311!! Get the full details for the 3 pack as well as all of the usual Rock Band Network info!

PS2 servers: Gone. PC servers: Wiped out. Xbox 360 servers: Offline. Phantasy Star Universe is not a thing anymore, never to return. Feel free to share your stories and screens on the official forums.

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This week’s Nintendo eShop update is pretty huge. Three new 3DS games as well as a DSi release, a 3DS demo, and even a Neo Geo game on the Wii Virtual Console! That’s right, you can get your Fatal Fury action on and live it up like it’s 1998 again! Get the full list after the break!

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After the complete lack of information on NBA Live 13, the game not being shown at E3, and the fact that there wasn’t an NBA Elite 11 or NBA Somethingwhatever 12, it should come as no surprise that EA has decided to once again scrap their yearly basketball release on Xbox 360 and PS3 and instead focus on making the best game they can. Maybe for next year? Who knows. […]

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While the boss man was perusing the video games page intertubes this morning, he tipped me off to this post over on GamesRadar about Dead Space 3. Seems that overnight, Dead Space developers Visceral Games decided to release a 17 minute long video showing a nice long walkthrough of the Eudora. Featured in the video are fires, explosions, zero G floating, cursing, and a crap ton of good old fashioned […]