This weekend is the International DOTA 2 championships, basically where the best of the best compete to go down in DOTA history. The matches are best of 3 elimination style culminating in a final championship match on Sunday. You can watch it inbrowser here, or you can download the free spectator client via Steam.

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The first details and screenshots to the upcoming sequel of last year’s Dead Island have surfaced over at OXM. From the sounds of things, the game picks right after the first iteration, following the same four characters. The tropical island of Banoi seems to have hit monsoon season, which makes for many murky marshes and lots of waist-deep water to wade through while hacking away.

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If you’re at PAX today and into Aliens: Colonial Marines, I’ve got two things to say to you. One: What’re you doing on here? You’re at PAX! But wait, before you go, let me remind you that SEGA and Gearbox have a new multiplayer mode to show you when you get to their booth.

How did I miss this one? Last week those sly dogs over at Gearbox Studios released a browser-based, “old-school” 16-bit version of Borderlands. It’s got a top-down view where your character (your choice of Borderlands 2 characters Axton, Maya, Salvador or Zer0) has to survive wave after wave of oncoming Skags and Bandits.

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Earlier this week, there was a rumored Rock Band DLC leak revealed by our friends over at RockBandAide, but it looks like Harmonix is giving us a swerve by releasing a totally different pack than we thought. What could it be? Check it out after the jump! Or, you know, look at the header picture. I’m sure that’s a pretty decent hint at who it is. (Psst… It’s Linkin Park…)

Steam Greenlight is live! Now fans can vote and rate the games they want to see available on Steam. There’s already well over 400 titles to view and thumbs up or down; naturally some of them look downright terrible and 50% are Minecraft clones, but there’s a lot of promising games out there. All you need is to log into Steam and you can choose the future of what’s available. […]

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To say fans have been clamoring for the new Final Fantasy games “Type-0” and “Versus XIII” would be an understatement, even though recent speculation was high at least for the latter game that it had unofficially and quietly ended production. With a tweet from Yoichi Wada and a track from the supposed game appearing for download on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, that rumor was pretty immediately debunked. Now Theatrhythm has gone and done it again. Square Enix announced today […]

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Hey Japanese readers! Do you have a smartphone? If it’s an Android device, you can download the newest game from Suda 51, No More Heroes: World Ranker, right now, for free! Got an iPhone? It’s comin’ soon, still free. It’s a “social game” which means there will be micro-transactions to keep the game going, but it’s not mandatory. Japanese friends! Pay them lots of money so this game spreads all around […]

Another week in the world of Nintendo’s eShop, another week of mostly lackluster content, but there IS some good stuff this week. Click on through, to the other side, to see this week’s releases! Yay Doors reference!

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The rumors have been around, but today Gearbox made it official. Borderlands 2 will be getting four pieces of DLC and they can be pre-purchased with a season pass. Each DLC will be priced at $9.99 and the season pass gets a 25% discount of $29.99. The DLC is specifically referred to as “campaign add-ons,” so hopefully we don’t get another Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot. We are promised new areas, adventures, and enemies, […]