It’s probably no secret that I am a huge fan of the Rock Band series. Hell, it seems like most of the time, I’m only contributing news that is related to Rock Band or another rhythm game.  Last night, @RockBand tweeted asking if anyone was up to doing some math to figure out how much all of the hardware, DLC, and games would cost. I have no idea why, but I ended up doing it.

First some disclaimers.

The following is assuming that you live in the US, are playing on an Xbox 360, starting your Rock Band collection of scratch, and paying MSRP for all of the instruments. There are points in which some guesswork had to be done, so the final value won’t be the exact right number, but a rather close one.

Also note that you may be able to get some of the games or hardware for cheaper than displayed here (for example, the MSRP of an RB3 keyboard is $80, but can be found currently on Amazon for $35).

Now, lets look at the game discs. They can be found currently for about $20 each if you want new copies so you can export the songs. Two exceptions are Rock Band 1, which does not require a code, just the disc, and the AC/DC track, which can be found easily for about $10.

  • $3.00 – Rock Band 1 (used)
  • $20.00 – Rock Band 2
  • $20.00 – Rock Band 3
  • $20.00 – Green Day Rock Band
  • $20.00 – Lego Rock Band
  • $20.00 – Beatles Rock Band
  • $50.50 – Beatles Rock Band DLC (regular DLC will have it’s own section)
  • $10.00 – AC/DC Track Pack
  • $35.00 – Export fees (RB1, RB2, Lego, GD)
  • $198.50 – Disc/Export total

Of course, none of the games mean anything if you don’t have any controllers to play them on.

  • $70.00 – Guitar
  • $70.00 – Bass
  • $130.00 – Drums
  • $40.00 – Cymbal expansion for drums
  • $20.00 – Microphone
  • $40.00 – Two more Microphones for Harmonies
  • $80.00 – Keyboard
  • $150.00 – Mustang guitar controller (for Pro guitar play)
  • $600.00 – Instrument total

Now we get to the fun part, the downloadable content. Where you get to choose what additional music you want to rock out to. But with over 3,500 songs to buy, you had better take advantage of the pack discounts.

  • $826.00 – 413 singles at $2 each
  • $709.50 – 129 3-packs at $5.50 each
  • $126.00 – 18 4-packs at $7 each
  • $144.50 – 17 5-packs at $8.50 each
  • $290.00 – 29 6-packs at $10 each
  • $88.00 – 8 7-packs at $11 each
  • $94.50 – 7 8-packs at $13.50 each
  • $120.00 – 8 9-packs at $15 each
  • $80.00 – 5 10-packs at $16 each
  • $54.00 – 3 11-packs at $18 each
  • $320.00 – 16 packs of 12 songs or higher for $20 each
  • $203.00 – Pro upgrades at $1 each (does not include the free pro upgrades that come with the Ozzy and 2112 packs)
  • -$80.00 – Adjustment to exclude song rereleases (RB3 versions, covers) and to include discounts for free songs or half priced songs.
  • $2,975.50 – Total official DLC

Now if you felt like doing the math, you would see that the official DLC does not add up to over 3,500 songs. That is because more than half of that song total is thanks to the thriving Rock Band Network. There are no pack discounts, so what you see is what you get.

  • $845.00 – 845 RBN singles at $1 each
  • $2016.00 – 1008 RBN singles at $2 each
  • $9 – 3 RBN singles at $3 each.
  • -$234 Adjustment to exclude song rereleases (RB3 versions, Double Bass versions)
  • $2,636.00 – Total RBN DLC

I should note, a couple things for the RBN estimation. Number one, a very special thank you goes to @RockBand for supplying how many songs cost what, I was not going to count that many songs manually.

Number two, the adjustment comes from taking the ratio of how many songs exist in a price category compared to the total number of songs. For example, ((The number of $1 songs/The number of Total RBN songs)*The number of rereleased songs) = The number of songs to remove from the final total; or ((845/1856)*152)=69.

Has your brain melted yet? Because we still have to add everything up!

  • $198.50 – Disc/Export total
  • $600.00 – Instrument total
  • $2,975.50 – Total official DLC
  • $2,636.00 – Total RBN DLC
  • $6,410  – Grand Total

Wow! That is crazy! I have maybe half the content in Rock Band, and it’s incredibly scary to think that over the years, I’ve spent over $3,000 on this game.

And this total doesn’t even count the numerous variables that impact the final total such as replacing broken instruments, buying track packs and buy DLC around those songs, getting other Rock Band accessories such as the ION drum set, the RB3 Fender Squier guitar, replacement drumsticks, drumpad mufflers, extra drum pedals, a drum throne, mic stands, keyboard stands, overdrive pedals, or the stage kit.

I’d like to thank Harmonix for putting out such an addictive game and for supplying the RBN figures I needed. I’d like to thank for supplying an export function so I could easily manipulate the data in Excel.

Thanks also to the too many people to thank on my twitter feed for helping me add in more factors to the final total (These calculations went through at least six drafts). And finally, no thanks goes to @britishphill for starting this horrible math experience.

So, how much do you think you’ve spent on Rock Band?

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  1. Too much. Way, way, way too much.

  2. SMOKEYBLUZZ says:

    It was worth every penny for me as I have met so many awesome people and made a few life long friends as well. It has given my confidence in myself I didn’t have before. Plus it puts a smile on my face every time I play it. I enjoy it some much that even have a group page dedicated just to Rockband, the RockBand Network and I die hard RockBand players who just love to play the game for fun and ROCKIN! Sharing the rockband world and experiences with others! We have an awesome time!! Don’t we Walter.. In fact check it out for yourselves! It is open to the public and all is welcome. Come chill out with a bunch of RockBand Lubbers.. :)

    SMOKEYBLUZZ   [ 18:06, July 14th, 2012 ]

    Ooops! Excuse the type o’s lol

  3. jimbury says:

    About £6000 and counting.

  4. It’s madness, truly. Though I find it amusing that people are only working out the cost in superficial terms and not what it costs your SOUL.

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