This week Harmonix releases a band that hasn’t seen any new releases in Rock Band since July of 2008 with their songs Devour and Junkies for Fame. That’s right, it’s Shinedown.

The Sounds of Shinedown Pack will include:

  • Second Chancex k
  • The Crow and the Butterflyk
  • Bullyk

Another exciting week for keyboard players as all of the tracks include charting for keys as denoted with the superscript “k.” “Second Chance” will have a PRO Guitar/Bass upgrade available for an additional 80 MSP/$0.99/100 WPS (as denoted by the superscript “x”). The pack will be available for 440MSP/$5.49/500 WPS across all three platforms and as individual tracks for 160 MSP/$1.99/200 WPS.

As an additional note this week however, Harmonix mentioned that “Bully” will be delayed on PS3 in the US and won’t be available until April 10th. This should not affect the availability of the pack.

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