This isn’t just a reboot or a port, this version of last year’s Mortal Kombat is the whole deal. This iteration contains all the characters from the console game, including the DLC characters like Freddy Krueger, Rain, and God of War’s Kratos. Not only that but all the fatalities and clothing options from the PS3 version will be available in the Vita title.

Taking advantage of the touchsceen fatalities and x-ray moves can be done via swiping your finger or pressing an onscreen button, without any additional face buttons.

Didn’t think the challenge tower was enough? How about 150 new challenge missions exclusive to the Vita. There’s also going to be a feature called “Test your Balance” where you have to use the built in accelerometer to keep your character steady for a certain amount of time or plummet to your doom.  All of this leads up to even more unlockables in the Crypt, new artwork, new outfits, new levels, pretty much everything that couldn’t be included in the console release of the game. Look for it this spring and in the meantime check out this sweet hands on footage from IGN.

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