There’s a title update for Ubisoft‘s Rocksmith on the way soon (probably next week). Nao Higo, the producer of the game, has tweeted a few things regarding.

One tweet states that the practice modes have been improved, as well as offering precision tuning prior to songs, as well as other changes. More details will be listed on the Official Facebook Page in coming days.

Another tweet has transparently hinted at the imminent bass support.

If you are for any reason on the fence about Rocksmith, check out our review to help change your mind, and make sure to take note of the awesome DLC already available, including thrash legends Megadeth, garage duo The Black Keys, Deep Purple, Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more.

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  1. IndienStrummer says:

    I think bass is pretty much guaranteed in the upcoming patch or at least a third update following closely on the heels of the second. Around the end of last year Paul Cross tweeted something to the effect that 2012 would be a year of high notes and “low notes” followed by, “[but in a good way]“. Obviously a not-so-veiled hint at upcoming bass support in Rocksmith. I’d put money on it being in next week’s patch. I’d also be really happy if they added the ability to view the note highway as tab scrolling horizontally but my expectations for that happening are about zero. Maybe in Rocksmith 2.

  2. Spirling Twaimle says:

    They should have had bass support in from the get go, but nobody’s going to expect any of these companies to really get it.

    Megadeth might be more appropriately called metal legends though. Regardless of how thrashy they may be from time to time.

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