Hey, you like BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND? You think you’re good? Good enough to win a tournament? Well, you may want to try your hand at winning the BlazBlue Revolution US Finals, because if you do, you and two teammates will nab yourselves hotel and airfare to take place in the BlazBlue Revolution Japan Finals to face off against the best Continuum Shift II players the world has to offer.

Find out more details and how you and your pals can enter behind the cut.

Aksys Games is sponsoring three of the top players in the US to head to Japan to represent America in the Land of the Rising Sun. Your hotel and flight will be taken care of, and should you take top spot in Japan, you’ll be treated to an extra bonus from Aksys. Read: NOTHING FOR LOSERS.

Full details will be revealed on the official website on December 27th, and you can stay tuned to the Official Aksys Games website.

BlazBlue Revolution US Event Details:

    Finals Date: 2/25/2012
    Location: Southern California, Venue TBA
    Format: 3v3 Double Elimination, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND Console Version
    Prize: Winning team will win full hotel and airfare to Japan and a spot in the Japan Finals
    Restriction: Winners MUST have their US passport or equivalent document by 2/25. NO EXCEPTIONS.

BlazBlue Revolution Japan Event Details:

    Final Date: 3/24/2012
    Location: Japan, Venue TBA
    Format: 3v3 Format Final Rules TBA, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II (V1.05) Arcade Version
    Prize: TBA + Special US Team Prize*

    *The US Team prize is a monetary award that will be given if the US Team is able to take the gold at the BlazBlue Revolution Japan Finals.

So, get to it. This is for the console version of Continuum Shift EXTEND, so start practicing ALL OF YOUR COMBOS.

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