Swedish SID-metal band, Machinae Supremacy, is celebrating their 20,000th “Like” on Facebook by releasing their first studio album for free on their website, Deus Ex Machinae. The full album, as well as the band’s other “webography” releases, are available for free download here.

For those unfamiliar, and curious as to why The Gaming Vault is plugging a band, a lot of Machinae Supremacy’s music is inspired by video games, as well as doing amazing covers of old school game music. Personally, I recommend listening to their “Sidology” trilogy of songs (on the Fury album, also available for free download here) to get a feel for how much ass they kick at video game covers.

In case you missed it last year, Machinae Supremacy’s frontman, Robert Stjärnström, was kind enough to provide us at The Gaming Vault with an awesome exclusive interview, where we talked music, video games, and then some. Show them some love by liking them on Facebook (after all, that’s what got us free music in the first place!), or adding them to your Google+ circles.

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  1. Kyle Gaddo says:

    Seems to be the remastered version, because it includes 15 tracks instead of the original 14-track cut.

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