Didn’t get your fill of digital boobs this year, did you? Well, worry not! The successor to Hyperdimension Neptunia, Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2, will be arriving on North American shores in February of 2012 for PlayStation 3!

Apparently there are extra Hyperdimensions to explore here, with Hyperdimensional Battles, though “Hyperdimensional” could be just an adjective…. Anyway, the voice acting sounds terrible, but since it’s NISA, you’ll have the option to choose English or Japanese voices. The battle system seems changed up from the first game, as you’ll be able to free-roam in a limited area (remember Quest 64? Just like that) and use AP to attack your enemies. New, over-the-top magic spells will be in place, as well.

Anywho, watch the trailer below the cut, courtesy of RPG Fan.

Also, I made this nice wallpaper for you to enjoy.

If you right-click, save as, you should be able to snag it in its full 1440×900 glory. It won’t hurt my feelings if you resize.

Also, the protagonist of this game is Nepgear. Which is adorable. Oh, SEGA…

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