Master Chief Upset

The Halo panel at New Your Comic Con brought with it additional details about how the Kinect will be utilized to enhance gameplay in the Halo Universe.

Three specifics were discussed: Voice commands, the Library, and Analyze mode. As the name suggests voice commands will allow you to reload your weapon, switch between retro graphics and remastered, and even throw grenades using voice commands.

The Library is a basic inventory of information that’s navigated via gestures. To get items into your library you need to ‘scan’ them with your on screen reticule using Analyze mode. So while playing you can focus your scope on a vehicle, say “scan” and that item will then appear in the library with detailed information about the object.

All of these additions are proposed to not affect the core gameplay, but it remains to be seen how screaming “Grenade, GRENADE!!” repeatedly actually affects the experience. Halo: Anniversary releases on November 15.

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