Ludum Dare 21 has closed its submission page and has a staggering 599 entries. If you’re not familiar with this competition Ludum Dare is a dual event that’s both a game creation competition and a game jam. The competition is to create, from scratch including all lines of code and artwork, an entire playable game within 48 hours. While the competition requires one person to work alone and make an entire game, the jam lets a team work on a game for 72 hours in a more relaxed setting.  Only the games submitted to the competition are judged, and only people who submitted games can vote, but all 599 games are playable.

That’s 599 free games for everyone to enjoy. I’ve only played about six of them but so far each of them have been fun and interesting. I personally recommend checking out jam entry, Run Run Robot by TyrusPeace. And if you’re a Minecraft fan be sure to check out Notch’s old school Doom-esque entry to the competition, Prelude of the Chambered.

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