Master Chief Upset

At least that’s the verdict of the Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer. Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine UK, Spencer points to the last two Halo titles, Reach and ODST, as only being accessible to people who were already fans of the sci-fi shooter series.

Which sort of makes sense. ODST was, essentially, an expansion pack for Halo 3 in disguise, and the narrative straddled the events of both Halo 2 and 3. Reach, meanwhile, was a prequel to the very first Halo: Combat Evolved, and the narrative relied heavily on the foreshadowing of Reach’s imminent destruction – an event only followers of the series would have any knowledge of.

So, the answer then? Bring back Master Chief for a brand new trilogy of Halo games, starting with Halo 4. With Master Chief cast adrift in unknown space at the end of Halo 3, there’s certainly plenty of scope for an entirely new storyline which doesn’t hinge on events in the original trilogy.

Given that Halo 4′s developer 343 Industries, comprised of some of Bungie‘s key Halo team, are also doing the honours on the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, heres hoping that by revisting the seminal original, 343 can rediscover and tap into the pure, undiluted beauty of that first game, strip back some of the excessive gameplay and design that cluttered the last few outings, and streamline the narrative to deliver a sleeker, purer experience for the big MC’s fourth outing. Or, you know, ram it full of more useless equipment.

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  1. BalancedEdge says:

    This is the problem, all non halo-fans/hardcore players see halo as too much of a niche appeal game whereas the previously mentioned groups see it as the exact opposite. If you spend any time on Halo forums (wether that be, Halo Waypoint, or the MLG forums, etc.) it will become apparent that the biggest complaint about Halo Reach in particular is how it caters to the casual non halo crowd. So what’s the answer. Completely open up Halo and make it as mainstream as possible? This would undoubtedly be seen as a complete betrayal to any Halo fan and would severely damage the community. The other alternative, catering to hardcore players would decrease profits but may provide the series with even further longevity. There is no perfect answer. From a narrative perspective however I have no fear for Halo 4 after listening to Frankie and Greg Bear discussing the franchise. 343i has my complete faith in whatever direction they choose.

  2. diceplay says:

    Halo is the by far the MOST engaging universe I have ever been a part of. Halo is basically like star wars re-born with books films comics action figures Games online its just amazing. Halo 4 will be one og the greatest things to happen to man kind I also loved odst reach wars they all explained so much more back story, I have total faith in 343I LONG LIVE HALO!!!!!!!!

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