Though rumours have been going around that the blind fighter Kenshi would be the first downloadable character for Mortal Kombat, Netherrealm studios has now announced that the first DLC kharakter will be the red ninja-lady Skarlet, the fighter who started out as a glitch in 1993′s Mortal Kombat 2. Two other characters, including a sekret character has been announced! See Skarlets gameplay-video and more information about the other DLC characters after the jump.

The next character to come out is Kenshi, one of my favorite characters of all time, but it seems Ed Boone won’t stop there. For months he has been teasing that the purple ninja Rain will also be available for download some time in the future, and now it’s confirmed! Rain has been around since UMK3, as one of the many ninjas. There is still no word who the secret character is, but do you have a character you really want to see, like Meat? Chameleon? Hell, even Mokap? Share it below!

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