Good, bad, he’s the guy with the top-selling game in the UK. Last week’s game sales for the UK are in and Duke Nukem Forever makes a strong start. Time will tell if Duke can keep it up or if he’ll ultimately end up finishing early.

Sites are already blasting Duke Nukem Forever, citing flaws such as strict linearity and questionable relevance of the character. If any game were to let L.A. Noire down gently from a three-week tenure in the top spot, that would have been the PS3-exclusive Infamous 2. However, that game only made 4th in the UK, beaten out by Zumba Fitness: Join the Party.

Say what you will about nostalgia and 15-year-old pre-orders, but the fact remains that Duke made the previous week in gaming one for the history books. Over half of the game’s non-digital sales were on the Xbox 360 while PC gamers bought the least amount of discs. Are there any statistics out there on how many copies were bought via digital distribution?

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  1. Chris Phillips says:

    I think any outlet which marks DNF down for not being ‘relevant’ completely missed the point. I also reject the notions of it being linear; it’s no less linear than any other FPS out there that scores highly.

    DNF’s problems are some outdated design decisions (the driving sections don’t need to be there, for instance), slightly clunky movement, weak-feeling guns and some uninspiring levels.

    But When Forever is good, it’s very very good. It definitely bears the scars of its long and tortuous development, but I think the critics are lining up to kick it just for the sake of it.

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