During their E3 press conference on Monday, SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton announced that a 24″ Sony brand 3D TV would be made widely available as a starting point to would-be 3D consumers.

One of the cool things about this upcoming TV will be that two viewers will be able to see two different images on the same screen in all their 3D glory—a great boon for games that feature split-screen multiplayer. Of course, you’ll need two pairs of 3D glasses for EXXXXXXTREEEEEME gaming, but if you’re shelling out for one of these bad boys (priced at $499.99 USD), you can probably throw down a little extra for another pair of glasses for your Madden homeboy.

What’s more? You even get a copy of Resistance 3. Realistically, you’re paying like $350 for the TV itself after you factor in included software and peripherals. Full specs below.

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  1. Joe Pomerening says:

    This is seriously such an awesome deal. The TV, itself, is fairly priced, not to mention the free game and glasses.

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