That’s right—Chrono Trigger is getting released. Again. On a mobile platform that isn’t the DS or PSP. Specifically iOS devices. More specifically? The iPhone.

There’s a teaser site with a release time frame for the Japanese drop, but it’s inevitable that it’s coming to the US. No telling which version it’ll be, but hopefully it’s the vastly robust DS version.

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  1. Herman S. Lilleng says:

    I was like, “hey, didn’t I AND Jens already post this?”

    Turns out that was the PSN and Virtual Console.

    Conclusion: Chrono Trigger is the new Peggle.

    Kyle Gaddo   [ 18:04, May 27th, 2011 ]

    @Herman S. Lilleng, Hahaha. I had to double check just to make sure. :D

  2. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    Is the Xbox 360 and Android phones the only modern gaming devices that doesn’t play Chrono Trigger now? This is insane!

    I mean, it’s a great game, but why did it suddenly get such an upswing….? Oh my god! O.O

    E3 2011 predictions: Chrono Trigger sequel!

    Kyle Gaddo   [ 18:28, May 27th, 2011 ]

    @Jens Erik Vaaler, Holy Hell, if only…

    Also, you CAN play it on Android phones. It’s just less legal than other ways…

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