Please proceed with caution, as there have warnings of an IP avalanche down Telltale road. Look below the cut for the long list of news from the small developer that has somehow landed all these fantastic deals. Someone didn’t send them the memo that adventure games are dead, and thank Chuck the Plant for that.

First up, let’s look at the new projects they announced. The previously rumored Walking Dead game was officially announced. IGN has an interview with Robert Kirkman himself, and while he is pretty tight-lipped, he does mention that the game is based on the comic book, rather than the TV show. The lead developers will be Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin, the duo behind Poker Night. It’s aimed at the last quarter of 2011.

Speaking of graphic novel properties that Telltale are developing, they are also making a game based on the popular series Fables. These books are about fairy tale characters living in hiding in the modern world. The first few issues follow Big Bad Wolf, the appointed detective of the Fables characters, in solving a murder mystery, going between their homeland and the modern world. If that doesn’t scream “adventure game”, I don’t know what does.

Do you know what also screams “adventure game”? Sierra’s adventure game classic, King’s Quest. This classic spawned many, many sequels and spin-offs, and influenced the genre just as much as the LucasArts games. Now, this too is getting the Telltale treatment. Not much is known at this point, other than that it’s going to be a reboot, presumably in TTG’s episodic, set-piece-focused format.

While it is easy to speak of the formula they use again and again, there is one game in the Telltale stable that stands out, and that’s Puzzle Agent. The quirky, Layton-ish, Fargo/Twin Peaks-inspired puzzle/adventure game charmed many with it’s unique style, but the ending left many people hanging, asking for answers. Now they will get them, in Puzzle Agent 2. The game will wrap up the story of Scoggins. Look below for the teaser trailer:

And if you still haven’t played the original on PC/Mac/iOS, they are releasing the PSN version in spring.

Wow, four game announcements, that’s a lot. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! They are also publishing the adventure game series Hector: Badge of Carnage. The first game in the trilogy was made by developer Straandlooper for the iPhone, and TTG will help them bring it to the PC and iPad, as well as publishing the second and third episodes.

And don’t forget, they are already making a Jurassic Park game! It is available for pre-order now, and with that comes a trailer for it:

You can also check out TTG showing off the game over at Giant Bomb.

Do you still want more? Really? Well, how about that free episode of Back to the Future episode one that you could sign up for? That’s available now on their website. You can also now buy it on both PSN and iPad. I quite liked it. And if you have bought the full season, episode 2 is now up and ready for your pleasure. Trailer below:

OK! I think that’s everything, but you never know. What do you think of all this? Will this be as amazing as it’s looking or is Telltale stretching itself too thin? (Later titles BttF and Poker Night at the Inventory both had many complaints of bugs and other issues)

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  1. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    Holy crap, YES! Puzzle Agent 2! I was wondering if that was getting sequelised or not. Fantastic. ^_^

    I think TellTale could do it, though that is a fair amount of projects they’ve got going on. Then again, I doubt they’d be developing all of them at the same time.

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