thatgamecompany confirmed recently that their upcoming game, Journey, can be completed in two to three hours.

They said that if players rushed, they could finish in about two hours, but if they took their time and explored, three hours seemed more the mark. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily factor in co-op gameplay, but that’s likely to be short as well.

Not really surprised, considering how short Flower was.

Journey is set to be released later this year via the PlayStation Network. We wait patiently for a release date and a price.

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  1. I want this game.

    Kyle Gaddo   [ 18:05, February 4th, 2011 ]

    @Michael O’Connor, Same. If it’s got any of the same feel like Flower or flOw, it’s going to be pretty great.

    I just hope it’s not super expensive. I like to keep my length-to-price ratio fairly moderate.

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