New Vanquish trailer shows off gameplay, is insane

Gametrailers has just revealed the first ever gameplay trailer of Platinum Game’s Vanquish, and as it turns out, it’s just as insanely over the top and awesome as we’ve come to expect from them.

By the looks of it, Vanquish is going to take the kind of gameplay seen in third person shooters such as Gears of War, which we’re all familiar with… and cranks it up to 11! Super fast movements, bullet hell movements, and the kind of slick and instant reaction gameplay that made Bayonetta such a joy to play.

Platinum Games, you can do no wrong.

Hit the link to see the video for yourself.

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  1. *droooooooool*

    Alex Donaldson   [ 19:14, June 5th, 2010 ]

    @Michael O’Connor, Very talented team, to be sure. Can’t wait.

  2. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    Did he just grab a missile and jam it back into the cannon it was fired from? I hope to god that wasn’t a QTE.

    Vanquish looks a lot like Bayonetta 2.0 with a gun attached. I can’t wait to see what Platinum does with the final product. Maybe this will be a current-gen shooter I might be find fun?

    Michael O'Connor   [ 20:30, June 5th, 2010 ]

    @Jens Erik Vaaler, It probably is a GTE, but I imagine if it’s anything like Bayonetta, it’ll only last for about 2 seconds before throwing you straight back into the action again.

  3. Norlick says:

    A good montage will make any shitstorm look amazing, but regardless this looks fucking sweet.

    Me = Hyped

    Jens Erik Vaaler   [ 20:12, June 6th, 2010 ]

    @Norlick, But this isn’t just any old shitstorm! It’s a shitstorm made by Platinum Games!

    And I’d like to challenge that statement: make the Twilight movies into a montage and it’s still, well, the Twilight movies.

    Norlick   [ 02:11, June 7th, 2010 ]

    @Jens Erik Vaaler As much as I want to say that’s not the case, Twilight is a very shit movie indeed. Well made point, I will remember the Argument ad Twilight

    @Michael O’Connor I like it; I’d intended on offering to do one for you guys myself, since I’m pretty savvy with that, and this looks similar to what I had in mind

    TGV’s branding is actually very similar to that of my own site, interestingly enough

    Michael O'Connor   [ 20:52, June 6th, 2010 ]

    @Norlick, BTW Norlick, what do you think of the redesign?

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