The E3 Expo is over for this year, and we learned a ton of new stuff. We know the name and games for Microsoft’s Kinect, we know what the new Zelda title is, we know what David Jaffe has been working on, and that there’s a new Rayman title in the works. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! However, there were some things gamers were expecting to see, but that never appeared. Here’s a rundown of things that were MIA.


Molyneux: Microsoft spent a lot of time on Kinect during their conference, possibly to the determent of other titles. The one who seemed to get shafted the most from my perspective was Peter Molyneux. He did appear on stage, and gave us his regular lines about the future, but then he only showed a trailer of Fable III, before he disappeared.  I don’t know about you, but I would like to have seen some gameplay of it. Molyneux promised Kinect integration for the title as well, but this has not yet appeared. Molyneux also showed off Milo last year for what was then known as Project Natal, but we saw nothing of the British little bugger this year. Turns out, Milo actually was at E3, but he was only shown to celebrities, but not to the press. He will be shown off in July instead.

Pricing: Microsoft also never said anything about pricing for Kinect, but retailers are putting their pre-orders at the rumored 149$. Microsoft have since said the price is speculative, and that they will announce the price at GamesCom.


Nintendo spent a lot of time revealing things that had been promised previously, such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and that Retro Studios had actually been working on a new Donkey Kong title. They also impressed with the reveal of the 3DS. Still, they left some gaping holes.

Vitality Sensor: Remember this thing? No? Neither does Nintendo, apparently. The peripheral, that was supposed to measure your heart-rate, was shown of by Iwata last year, but this year it was nowhere in sight. Turns out, Nintendo has wised up about their E3 line-ups. Iwata said to an analyst that they realized that with all these retro titles, they figured E3 wasn’t the right place to showcase it. Smart move Nintendo, you’re learning from last year’s errors.

Pikmin: Miyamoto first said that he was making this game two years ago, at E3 2008. Since then we have heard almost nothing about the title, building a steady buzz with all the Pikmin fans, a group that seems to grow every time Nintendo doesn’t say anything about the title. It wasn’t shown this year either, but after being confronted about it several times, Miyamoto confirmed the game is still being worked on by a small team.

Cammie: Just kidding, nobody misses Cammie.


Sony also had a strong press conference this year, showing a wide array of titles, with much less sales and pie chart talk than previous years. They also spent a lot of time on 3D, something I’m not very excited for, but might entice others. Nevertheless, here’s what Sony neglected:

The Last Guardian: this is a big one. Last year, Sony showed off an incredible cinematic trailer for the next game by the creators of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Even with no gameplay, it made it to many gamers’ list as the most anticipated game from E309. This year, it’s nowhere to be found. I can understand that if it’s not far enough in development, that Sony doesn’t want to over-expose/over-hype the game (That’s a dangerous place to be in, just ask Valve about Episode 3). But even if that is the case, it’s still a shame, because I, like most gamers, am really excited about the title, and would have loved to see some more of it. Sony hints at the game being shown of at another event, likely TGS.

Gran Turismo 5: No wait, my bad, they totally showed this. They even gave it a release date! Let’s consider this entry a celebration that GT5 didn’t actually get delayed, pushed back, hidden, or ignored. Granted, they still have several months to make sure that it gets delayed again.

That’s it for the hardware guys! Now, let’s see what’s missing from the rest of publishers:

Beyond Good & Evil 2: Another highly anticipated released that was announced and teased last year, only to never be acknowledged again. Instead, Ubisoft spent their time on a breathing game, and laser tag. At least they announced a new Rayman, a game that would certainly have made the list had it not been shown. And it has Michel Ancel, the creator of both Rayman and BG&E working on it.

EA Partners: While the EA conference was packed full of big titles, for me the most exciting thing the company is doing right now is in the EA partners program. While Respawn obviously is way to young a studio to have anything to show, neither Shank nor Deathspank were shown at the conference, only at  the show floor. We also know they have a deal with Suda 51, but no word on this game either.

Valve: Ok, I have to include this. I was really dissapointed when Valve canceled their press conference, and even though the PS3 reveal was very nice, I would have loved to have seen a whole event exclusively dedicated to Valve, even if it was Portal 2 only. It would mean a big step for PC gaming into the more mainstream side of things.

2k & Activision: This one is more of a question. Why do these two large publishers, one who is bigger than both EA and Ubisoft, not have their own press conferences? With the advent of internet streaming, the focus for gamers when E3 rolls around seems to be primarily the press conferences, rather than the game previews. Both are on the show floor, but I feel their games could possibly benefit from a dedicated event, though that would make the E3 schedule even more crazy. 2K has Civ V, XCOM, Mafia II, Spec-Ops, and their sports games, and they could even team with Take Two-owned Rockstar. And I must admit, while I would probably hate most things Activision would want to promote in that way, it would still be interesting to see their take on it. Oh, and speaking of 2K…

Irrational’s new game: What is it? I want to see it. Apparently Ken Levine and team has been working on this since Bioshock was released, but we have heard nothing of the title. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon, but it certainly wasn’t at E3.

Ok, that’s all I could think of that was missing. Do you have anything else you really wanted to see at E3? Post it in the comments! Lastly, here are some bonus lists:

Games at E3 that has the same title as a previous game in the same franchise:

  • Mortal Kombat
  • XCOM
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  • Twisted Metal

Press conferences Hideo Kojima appeared at:

  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo

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  1. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    Is this a new thing we’re doing now, counting which press conferences Hideo Kojima appears in? :p
    Technically, “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit” is a new title, not a rehash of an old title. The first Hot Pursuit was called “Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit”, this is just “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit”. But I’m nitpicking.

    I’m glad Nintendo didn’t whip out the Vitality Sensor, it would have made their press conference take a complete nosedive.

    Herman S. Lilleng   [ 21:01, June 20th, 2010 ]

    @Jens Erik Vaaler, I purposefully left Hot Pursuit without a disclaimer, cause I knew someone would nitpick it. It counts. :p

    As for Kojima, I just found it amusing that he appeared everywhere but Sony this year. It’s so upside-down. :p

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