The wait is finally over! We’re finally getting a new Kid Icarus game from the Big N. After 24 years of waiting, rumours and speculation, we can all rest easy as Pit is making his triumphant return on Nintendo’s 3DS.

Sakurai’s Project Sora turned out to be Kid Icarus Uprising, a game created specifically for the 3DS. The game uses Pit’s design from Super Smash Bros, and the graphics look something like a de-res’d version of a Nintendo Wii. Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata did confirm that the 3DS has greater graphical capabilities than a regular DS.

In the trailer shown after the announcement, Pit takes to the skies and flies through the game world with powers granted to him by the goddess Palentula. He also fought various enemies in the clouds, culminating in a fight against a giant Cerberus. Everything is bright and colourful, but looks like it will provide a decent challenge.

Storywise, it seems the Empress of Darkness has risen, and only Pit, acting as Palentula’s champion, can stop her. And yes, the Eggplant Wizard will return. This is very exciting news, and we’re very excited to be bringing you this news.

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