[UPDATE] G4 reports that a source close to Activision has revealed that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick will adress the employees of Infinity Ward in a meeting today. There will also be a second meeting adressing the studio as a whole, but no details on either meetings are clear.

Trouble seems to be brewing within the halls of Infinity Ward. According to a report from G4, security guards of the “bouncer-types” showed up at the offices of Infinity Ward.

Studio heads Vince Zampella and Jason West reportedly met with Activision this morning and wasn’t seen by Infinity Ward employees since.

The situation developed further when a screenshot of Jason West’s Facebook page appeared at Kotaku with the status update “Jason West is drinking. Also, unemployed”. West’s LinkedIn profile was also updated to reflect this.

In response to this, Activision cited a human resources investigation into “breaches of contract and insubordination by two senior employees at Infinity Ward. This was mentioned in a SEC filing from Activision. It can be found on page 131.

“This matter is expected to involve the departure of key personnel and litigation. At present, the Company does not expect this matter to have a material impact on the Company.”

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, who’s also had trouble with Activision during the development of Brütal Legend offered his own brand of input on the debacle:

“Getting mad at Activision for this kind of thing is like getting mad at an ape for throwing feces. It’s just how the beast communicates.”

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  1. Kyle Gaddo says:

    All kinds of crazy shit happening to Infinity Ward lately.

    Especially with the fact that IW didn’t get royalties from Activision with MW2′s release.

    Michael O'Connor   [ 21:24, March 2nd, 2010 ]

    @Kyle Gaddo, SECURITY KOTICK?! SERIOUSLY?! Get a fucking grip, you fucking lunatic.

    Kyle Gaddo   [ 22:57, March 2nd, 2010 ]

    @Michael O’Connor,

    It’s actually pretty sad.

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