PS3 Slims *not* safe from current PS3 problems

The Gaming Vault has been receiving reports by emails since this morning from some owners of PS3 Slim consoles claiming that their machines are being affected by the issues plaguing PlayStation 3 console and PSN today.

We have also received at least one report from an owner of an older “fat” model of the PS3 claiming that his console has not been affected by this issue.

It was assumed today (and claimed by Sony) that this problem was relegated to older models of Sony’s console. This appears to not entirely be the case, and your chances are hit and miss if you choose to use the PlayStation Network this.

Sony themselves have in fact recommending on their DevNet that “all consumer units” of the PS3 should stay offline today, regardless of the model.

Clearly this problem isn’t affecting all PS3 Slims, but only a select number of units, which is likely to be a small number. We’ll keep you updated.

[UPDATE] We have received some clarification from informed hardware buffs with information regarding why some Phats units are not affected, and why some Slim units are. Hit the cut for more information.

The gist of the issue is that the ARM SYSCON CPU that is used to power up the front panel of the ps3, it is responsible for doing things like sleep mode, eject, RTC etc. is an old batch that sony picked up from the shelf like other manufacturers that has that calendar year bug regarding Feburary 29th on certain periods.

In other words the front system panel ARM CPU RTC is saying its Feb 29th, while your ps3 console is saying its March 1st, causing the {S3 system clock and the real time clock to desync, messing up security measures like Digital Rights management software and sometimes games that relies on clocks for whatever reason. As well as signing up to the playstation network… This CPU is always on even when your PS3 isn’t plugged

This problem is also happening with various development PS3 models as you well know, particulary the ones that has the emotion engine cpu/gpu for ps2 dev.

This is the one of the same type of CPUs that is powering up mobile devices like zune and blackberries, they have been affected with this bug, so they done some software patches. A syscon update can also fix this problem

The Slims Ps3s aren’t affected because they use a newer up to date revision on the syscon cpu that fixes this bug, except for some units which still run on the older CPU.

A quick way to fix this is to remove the RTC battery for at least 5-10 min and plug it back in, you will see the date and time reset, and voila… Or wait 11 hours i guess for this problem to mysteriously clear? FW update might be possible but because the DRM is screwy and updates rely on that, it could work against it.

We hope this helps clarify the problem, and we appreciate any reports you provide letting us know if your Slim or Phat PS3s are similarly affected.

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34 Responses so far.

  1. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    And when you gonna fix it??? I have a an old console and I cannot connect to PSN

    Tony Bradford   [ 19:37, March 1st, 2010 ]

    @Daniel Rodriguez, I didn’t know we had access to fix the PS3 issues.

    Well let me get right on that.

    Daniel Rodriguez   [ 22:46, March 1st, 2010 ]

    @Tony Bradford, Hi Tony, I do not know if you work on Sony Playstation but if you read carefully the post maybe you would understand which is the problem with the PS3′s. Playstation have to fix their network in order to solve all the problems with the old PS3 consoles.

  2. Steve smith says:

    Well this’ll be intresting to see I’f they can sort it out as mine is also affected and if they can’t are they going to replace everyones console ouch that’ll sting them it’s the year 2000 again only 10 years to late or cold they be 10 years behind lol

  3. Steve smith says:

    Sorry It was supposed to be could and email was misspelt oops

  4. Phos says:

    That’s absolute bullcrap. All my friends with Slims are fine, hell even my friend with an 80gig MGS Emulated BC one still works. I have a 40.. I have yet to check if mine is ok.

  5. David says:

    I own a ‘fat’ PS3 circa spring 2009 and so does my friend. Neither him or I are having any problems whatsoever.

    Michael O'Connor   [ 20:44, March 1st, 2010 ]

    @David, Thanks for confirming this. I have done some research on this issue, and I will add it to the article to clarify why some Phats may not be affected and why some Slims are.

    David   [ 21:16, March 1st, 2010 ]

    @Michael O’Connor, ok thank you! I read the new info, guess my PS3 just didn’t get the chips in that batch ;)

  6. MATSU says:

    this is sony strategy to get some more ps3 sold and
    gain some money !
    and great timing too you know, major titles coming this month like GOW3 and FFXIII …
    forcing you to buy a new ps3 .
    even the YLOD problem, remember most of the ps3 died after 3 years “mine too” is that a is that a coincidence ?!


  7. Yandoo says:

    my FAT is a CECHL04 model and i’ve got no problem with PSN

  8. wow says:

    Wow, let’s write yet another article reiterating what’s been said already!

  9. Reigen says:

    my ps3 slim is ok

  10. If anyone with affected PS3 Slims or non-affected PS3 Phats are able to take any photos to prove the state of their machine, that would be a huge help in proving that this story is in fact legit, despite the assumptions to the contrary.

  11. Anon says:

    MATSU… you’re a complete tool.

  12. REALLY?!?!?! says:

    @ MATSU

    You are a moron. This in now way will cause anyone to have to by a slim vs fat. In all likleyhood the issue will resolve itself @ midnight tonight. If not they will send a firmware update. This is just a s4-36 hour inconvienince

  13. Valgav says:

    Actually i have a Fat PS3 and i am not having any problems, it`s working perfectly.

  14. Night_Sniper says:

    if you want to play games that have trophies cos i know it doesnt let you play them then disable internet connection under network settings and turn your ps3 off and on again. but if youve tried to play it once with internet enabled then doing this wont fix it :( i was wondering about the people without internet connection? how are they going to get a fix for it? this is so messed up.

  15. Aaron Bennett says:

    I have an original 60 gb model. Not only am I plagued with the PSN and clock errors but some of my themes are corrupted. These include themese from Qore and japanese ones such as the Demon’s Souls dynamic theme. Please let me know if a photo of this information will be helpful.

    Michael O'Connor   [ 21:52, March 1st, 2010 ]

    @Aaron Bennett, I had the same issue with my themes. I am hoping they will be fixed when a solution is found. I think the are simply appearing as corrupted because the clock isn’t synced. No need for a photo, as this problem has already been confirmed.

  16. jordi says:

    MATSU sony give’s a 3 year garantie so i think your the moron lol buying a new 1 .

  17. mivek33 says:

    have 2 40gig launch models, one upgraded to 320gig other untouched …. both unaffected

  18. Jeremy says:

    I heard that if you try playing a game that you may lose the data of said game. I tried playing my Heavy Rain and Dragon Age last night and now when I check my trophy information both titles don’t show up on the list. Is anyone getting the same problem?

  19. Catalin says:

    Is there anywhere a guide to remove that RTC battery the easiest way possible? Thanks for the help ~!

    Michael O'Connor   [ 22:59, March 1st, 2010 ]

    @Catalin, I would just wait for a fix from Sony if I was you, before you do anything that drastic.

  20. HidenKage says:

    read on another site:
    (yes=affected by bug)
    1st Generation:
    20 GB – CECHBxx – yes
    60 GB – CECHAxx – yes

    2nd Generation:
    60 GB – CECHCxx – yes
    80 GB – CECHExx – yes

    3rd Generation:
    40 GB – CECHGxx – yes
    40 GB – CECHHxx – yes
    40 GB – CECHJxx – unknown, but probable
    80 GB – CECHKxx – yes
    80 GB – CECHLxx – no
    80 GB – CECHMxx – unknown, but not probable because it’s newer than CECHLxx
    160 GB – CECHPxx – no
    160 GB – CECHQxx – not probable

    4th Generation:
    120 GB slim – CECH-20xxA – no
    250 GB slim – CECH-20xxB – no

    andres   [ 18:26, April 5th, 2010 ]

    my 250GB slim ps3 got effected. Its not spining or reading the games

    Herman S. Lilleng   [ 18:29, April 5th, 2010 ]

    @andres, And this happen because of this bug? Did you update it since then?

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