Square details Front Mission Evolved gameplay

During our interview with Square Enix and Double Helix at this years E3, we pushed them for lots of gameplay details. Here’s a few choice cuts from the interview, of what we can expect from the gameplay when it hits 360, PS3 and PC in 2010.

“These are military made machines, they are supposed to be very gritty and realistic. The world you are travelling through is being torn apart by war, it wont be all clean and shiny – although with the customisation options available to the player, if you wish to make your Wanzer shiny and untouched you can.”

“Pretty much every single weapon, everything in the Front Mission universe is present. We add a lot to the universe on top of what is already there while still fitting in with the Front Mission idea, and include a massive amount of customisation which, with the new gameplay, should keep the experience quite fresh.”

“There are a lot of customisation options in terms of colour, surface material, hardened arm plates, body, weapons shield amount.”

“One of the things we are really excited about Front Mission is piloting the Wanzer but also the on foot missions. Connecting with your pilot, Dylan, is important so you’ll have the experience of getting out and doing missions you can’t do in a giant Wanzer, only as a person. There is a really cool sense of scale in the game when you see a bullet the size of this room flying at you when you’re healing gives you an idea of what it’s like piloting a Wanzer, and there is some really cool gameplay effects we can do with that.”

“The multiplayer experience is definitely a separate experience. What we are meaning to do with that is to make it team-based – very very team friendly. So you can form up with friends, create a team and customise your team in a way you really want to. I won’t go into the online experience very much but, ok I’m going to be the sniper, you’re going to be the heavy hitter, you’re going to be the support… it allows you to develop strategy.”

Look out for our complete interview with Square Enix and Double Helix on Monday, July 6th.

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  1. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    I’m gonna kit mine out with a hull of flourescent pink! Imagine trampling through a multiplayer match with that.

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