This just in from the Square Enix press conference.

Square Enix has just stated that while Final Fantasy XIV will be exclusive to PS3 and PC right now, the game is “being considered” for other formats. We can only assume that this means the game may appear on the Xbox 360 based on its success.

Although it has been confirmed to be an MMORPG like Final Fantasy XI, it will have no direct connection with that game and will be set in a new world and setting of its own.

The game will be a more casual gaming experience than the famously hardcore Final Fantasy XI, looking to draw consumers into an enjoyable experience instead of isolating new players from the game.

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  1. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    Sucks for Jack Tretton who boasted so much about FFXIV being PS3 exclusive.

    Michael O'Connor   [ 09:16, June 4th, 2009 ]

    @Jens Erik Vaaler,

    Yeah, gotta wonder what was up with that.

    It’ll be a PC / PS3 timed exclusive for now.

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