EVENINT TOPIC: Can you justify piracy?

Piracy is a hot topic this week, and one that brings with it a lot of controversy, especially in the gaming culture. We’ve discussed the subject of combating piracy in the past, and Sony has openly admitted themselves the severity to which piracy affects game sales on the PSP.

But today’s topic isn’t about stopping piracy.

I think many of us would be lying if they said that they have never pirated anything in their life. Many people offer their own justifications for piracy – whether it be the quality of the product, the lack of availability, or the simply desire to not pay for something.

Whether this is right or wrong is up to the individual to decide, but it brings us the evening topic for today, which is one simple question:

- Can you justify piracy?

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  1. th3 chr0nic says:

    Of all the things i have ever pirated in my life whatever they could be i can say that if i hadn’t pirated then i wouldn’t have purchased either. so how could i have hurt the industry? I think there is a huge difference between downloading something and stealing from the store shelves. When you steal something from the store shelf as in a physical item you are preventing someone else from purchasing said item, however when downloading something it isn’t preventing another person from purchasing.

    I think the only way to get a true idea of how piracy hurts any industry would be to have a true figure of how many people would have purchased the item legally if they did not have the option of piracy.

    Im not saying that piracy doesn’t do harm at all, im just saying i don’t think it hurts as much as some people cry it does.

  2. King says:

    Downloading DOES prevent other people from buying from the store. It has obviously prevented you from purchasing if you are downloading. And how many friends did you tell that you downloaded something and they went and did the same thing. Just because you are not physically taking from a store doesn’t mean that it is okay.

    Whether the media is on a disk or a file in the internet you have taken it without paying for it. It probably affects the companies more when you download because they have spent alot of money producing their media and you are not buying it. So they are losing money from production and retail.

    bbe   [ 19:08, April 22nd, 2009 ]

    @King, Did you read what he wrote? He said that he WOULDN’T have bought it anyways, the only reason he got it was because he didn’t have to pay for it. So it DIDN’T keep him from purchasing it, he wasn’t going to anyways. I totally agree, I think that’s the case for most people.

    Might as well play devils advocate here, what if it just so happens that you weren’t going to pay for it because you didn’t want it THAT bad, but since it was free you decided to check it out, and it surprises you how good it is, so you pass along by word of mouth to 2 or 3 buddies that said game is pretty sweet, those other buddies go out and BUY it because most likely they don’t know how to get it for free.

    Now didn’t that just MAKE the company more money than it would otherwise have made? That’s free advertising. ;)

  3. th3 chr0nic says:

    you dont read well. I said that i still would NOT have bought any of the items i pirated. as far as other people i dont know if they would have purchased items or not cause im not them so i can only speak for myself.

  4. Darius says:

    @ King, not all together true. The chances are if an individual mentioned to a friend the chances are they would already had the plan to download it to, Why would you bother paying for something if you already pirated before? It’s like said album Ill download but Ill go out and buy another album?

    Unless you really love and support the artist e.g if they your idol, which is a bit silly in my opinion. People out there just don’t have the money and wouldn’t probably buy it anyway. Id be happy if people downloaded music I created, I’d be chuffed that they would want to hear it. If I’m that good they would pay and come to see me in concert anyway. I do agree you need to have money to make the next album/game or movie and be able to pay there staff e.c.t You can run out of something in the store, if said person stole the last copy out the store that’s one less 50 quid to either the store or the creators, however there is no “last copy” when it comes to downloads its unlimited.

    If you’ve made it, then you should be happy with the money you have, because people will really only download something thats popular or something that they would never spend money on anyway. Art is everyones.

  5. th3 chr0nic says:

    And im not saying i do pirate now im just saying that i have pirated some in the past…as the article states “I think many of us would be lying if they said that they have never pirated anything in their life.”

    But I would rather pirate everything in existence than give gamestop any of my money. cause most people go for used games sales and to hear the gaming companies talk they almost make it sound like piracy and used games sales hurt them equally.

    SO there is your justification: To keep money away from Gamestop lol

  6. Darius says:

    To top that off, I do believe pirating something then selling it is wrong, I don’t believe it is for personal use.

    th3 chr0nic   [ 19:35, April 22nd, 2009 ]

    @Darius, yea the real problem with piracy are the guys on the street with a book full of movies or games or music and they are selling it to people and making a lot of money.

    I worked with a guy once that did that, he downloaded all the newest movies he could all the time and constantly advertised at work and sold them. I think he even had a laptop in his car so he could make copies on the spot. the big kicker is he was selling it to the security people at the workplace so there was no one to tell him to stop. I think it did get out of hand eventually and something was said cause he stopped suddenly. Now that is taking sales from someone and hurting business.

  7. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    I can honestly say I’ve never pirated a game, but I will admit to having downloaded music and films/tv series. Having said that I should also mention that I probably buy more DVDs and CDs than I download, because I like having a physical copy of a certain product. Just “owning” it as bits and bytes on a computer isn’t enough, in my opinion.

    But to answer the question, there really isn’t any way to completely justify piracy. Though copyright laws state that you’re allowed to own “your own digital copy” of a CD, it’s the act of sharing this digital copy that’s wrong. The act of downloading in itself isn’t, technically, against the law.

    What’s interesting to note is the fact that those who have downloaded pirated music and movies also buy the physical product of what they’ve downloaded.

  8. Piracy is an issue with a lot of different faces to it. To be honest I am not sure which is faces reflect mine own views. There is the consumer angle which wants all media cheap, accessible, and vercitile. Then their is the publisher angle which wants maximum profits to support their own company and produce more content. Finally their is the developer angle which wants their work to be played and bought so the publisher will support them for another game.

    I don’t think using the view of, “Well I wasn’t going to buy it anyway”, really validates piracy. Nor the pretentious view of sticking it to the man.

    I think their are other means to get a message across that you feel a game is too much or too little. If you consume media I think you should buy it. If you support a certain studio or developer then I think you should go the extra mile and buy merch or something that goes directly to the person.

    Proper demo’s and explanations can go a long way I think in prevent a lot of experimental piracy. Producing consecutively good content can also get more people buying your product as well. As for piracy, I don’t think developers should sweat themselves dry over it.

  9. M C says:

    I still remember back in the day when piracy = selling fake cds of the actual product. Piracy gives the opportunity for the less fortunate to obtain a product they desire. Technically piracy still helps the economy but in another way. 10 years ago instead of the developing companies making all the money bootleggers started taking some of the money. These bootleggers in turn would still help the economy by purchasing things necessary to created these cds.

    Today instead of buying cds a new brand of internet users make money by hosting sites and having ads on them. Having ads would boast awareness of what other people have to offer. This in turn should generate income for a different range of people.

    I know I’m only looking at one side of the argument. I personally agree that piracy today may have gone a little over board but nonetheless it shows how smart and generous ( sharing the technology) us humans can be.

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